ALPACAHUSET sells only designer clothes in exquisite qualities, where the material consists of pure yarns.

We do not carry mass produced off-the-peg clothes, where chemically manufactured “woolen types” is practically the most important material.

Our garments are knitted by producers, where the environment and consideration to people have first priority and where a local legislation is a protective factor.


The local producers in Peru and Bolivia design and knit the more than 100 styles of each Spring and Autumn collections.
All garments are produced in pure alpacawool from the alpaca, which only lives in the Andes in South America. The shown model is one of many.

Cashmere Goat

A more than 100 year old Scottish company, delivers the most gorgeous sweaters in cashmere, sweaters which we have the pleasure to offer to our customers at prices which clearly shows that we import these directly from the producer, avoiding in this way rise in the prices due to middlemen.


A Scottish company has also a large production of sweaters and cardigans in genuine camelhair for ladies and gentlemen. These are garments which have become very popular, and in winter time it is specially nice to own a sweater of camelhair.


Another Scottish company is our supplier of tartan kilts and trousers as well as skirts of 100% wool.
We found here the good traditions for good quality, and it is both an honour and a pleasure to be able to present these items in Denmark.


Another natural product is the pimacotton which is cultivated in Peru and gathered by hand. It is the primaty material of the wonderful ‘tee-shirts’ and skirts, as well as sweaters, we have in many different styles and colours


The vicuña is a Peruvian animal relative of the llama, and the wool of this animal is considered to be as valuable as gold.

Vicuña wool is the rarest and finest wool of the world. It is softer, warmer and lighter than any other wool of the world.