Pima Cotton

Alpacahuset has a wide range of sweaters and t-shirts made of hand-picked and organic pima cotton. The range also includes skirts.

Retailer on clothes in pima cotton

Alpacahuset has an exclusive distribution on the different products, which means that the many models are not found anywhere else in Denmark. Our pima knitwear consists of sweaters, cardigans and skirts.

In addition to pima cotton, Alpacahuset has also a wide range of alpaca, cashmere, camel wool and lambswool, of which we are also exclusive distributors.

Soft and durable cotton

Like alpaca wool, the pima cotton comes from Peru as well. The cotton comes from northern part of Peru and is one of the finest in the world. Pima cotton is a very soft cotton, and cotton fibers come from the seeds of the cotton bush. The cotton is long and nice and it is therefore necessary to handpick it so that it does not get filtered. It gives it a special shine.

There are many advantages to buying pima cotton clothes, besides that it is a very soft material that feels like silk on the skin. Firstly, the cotton is durable and keeps its nice shape wash after wash. But the pima cotton does not fade or shrink as easily as other types of cotton. Therefore, clothes in pima cotton are a good investment as the clothes last year after year.

Manufactured under proper conditions

In Alpacahuset we can guarantee that the clothes are made under proper conditions without toxic colors or child labor. We have cut the expensive intermediaries away so our customers will not have to pay more than necessary for the exclusive products. Visit our store in Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen and experience the high quality of our many models

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