Cashmere sweaters for men

Likewise, we also sell exquisite cashmere sweaters for men in Alpacahuset. As we import directly from the suppliers, we avoid expensive intermediaries, and it can be clearly seen in our prices.

Large selection of cashmere sweaters for men

Alpacahuset has many kinds of cashmere sweaters for men. They are simple and stylish classic models available in many different colors. It is possible to choose between sweaters with round neck, V-neck or roll collar.

Our range also consists of vests and cardigans in the softest cashmere. A cardigan or vest can be used for both casual use or for a nicer use with a shirt underneath.

Cashmere is light and warm

The cashmere sweaters consist only of genuine yarns and there are no chemically produced wools in our clothes. Cashmere comes from the underhair of the cashmere goat, and the material is both light and incredibly warm.

It is one of the most expensive wool types that have excellent thermal properties, and the clothes can therefore be used throughout the year. Cashmere neither scratches nor gets filled with fluff after some time of use or washing. A cashmere sweater can last for many years without losing its fit and is therefore ideal as part of the basic wardrobe.

Exclusive store in the middle of Copenhagen

Alpacahuset is an exclusive shop located in Store Kongensgade in the center of Copenhagen. In addition to high quality cashmere sweaters, we also have clothing and accessories in alpaca woolpima cottoncamel wool and lambswool.

Visit the store to see the wide range of cashmere sweaters for men as well as our many other wonderful products. Here we can help you find the right sweater that can be enjoyed for many years.