Alpaca Wool

Alpacahuset in Store Kongensgade 90 in Copenhagen is an exclusive distributor of its exclusive alpaca wool products. The shop has among other items sweaters, blouses, skirts and cardigans in the soft and strong alpaca wool that holds its shape. The wool has also the advantage that it is almost self-cleaning and often just has to be aired, but the knitwear can also be washed at 30 degrees.

We have sweaters in alpaca wool for women and men as well as accessories like scarves, socks, hats and gloves. In addition, Alpacahuset offers splendid products in cashmerepima cottoncamel wool and lambswool.

Alpaca wool from the Andes mountains

The alpaca lives high in the Andes mountains of South America, and the wool is being processed by the Peruvian Indians, making it a beautiful, high quality clothing. An alpaca wool sweater can last forever, and the wool is both stronger and warmer than lambswool.

The processed products are purchased directly from families in Peru, which means that the clothes can be sold at a reasonable price without expensive intermediaries. It also means that families receive a payment for their goods that they can live off.

Clothes for both women and men

Alpacahuset has exquisite sweaters, blouses and cardigans in alpaca wool in a variety of colors and patterns. Everything is made in pure baby alpaca and alpaca wool. It is from colorful sweaters with large patterns to simple black skirts. We also have different cardigans in babyalpaca wool, which can work as a small jacket and used all year round.

Alpacahuset has also a good selection of sweaters for men – both single-colored or with patterns. Our range also includes men’s vests, or casual sweaters.

Visit us in the middle of Copenhagen

Come in to the store to see the wide range of clothing and accessories in alpaca wool. The owner, Kirsten Mørch, took over Alpacahuset in 2005, and she has a great knowledge of the exclusive wool and the families who process the wool. The store is worth a visit for anyone who wants clothes in the coolest qualities that are not found elsewhere.

Drop in and see many more styles.