There is nothing better than a pair of soft and warm alpaca socks. The alpaca wool is known as a luxurious wool, which gives you comfort to your feet as the socks are light and breathable despite the high heat capacity.

In Alpacahuset we have alpaca socks in many different colors and the range consists of children’s socks, adult socks and knee socks. See also our many other accessories in alpaca wool. In addition, we have sweaters, cardigans, skirts and much more in the wonderful alpaca wool.

Alpaca socks for the whole year

The wool comes from the alpaca who lives at 3,000 meters above sea level in the Andes mountains of South America, where temperatures fluctuate between +30 and -20 degrees. The wool fibers have microscopic air bubbles, so the wool can adjust to changing temperatures and make it comfortable for the alpaca all year round.

The thermal properties means, therefore, that alpaca socks can be used throughout the year, as the pockets in the fibers allow it to breath on hot days. Alpaca socks are also good at counteracting swamps and sour toes.

Self-cleaning wool

The socks are so thin and they can easily be used in regular shoes. It is also not necessary to wash the socks as often as other wool types, as the wool is self-cleaning and usually just need fresh air. However, the socks can be washed at 30 degrees.

The Alpaca socks are made of pure wool and are bought directly from families in Peru who have carefully processed the wool. In this way we avoid expensive intermediaries, which otherwise will make our clothes more expensive to our customers. At the same time, we help ensure that the families in Peru get a proper payment for their goods that they can live off.

Alpacahuset is an exclusive distributor

Alpacahuset is an exclusive shop, which is the sole distributor of different products. We are located at Store Kongensgade 90 in Copenhagen, and besides clothes in alpaca wool, we also sell clothes and accessories in cashmere, pima cotton, camel wool and lambswool.